• A questionnaire about your family so I can get to know you, the things you enjoy doing together, and your favorite hobbies and activities
  • Location guidance in the DFW area. I’ll share a list of all my favorites but you’re also welcome to choose your own home or another location you know and love
  • A check-in two days before your session to touch base and go over any questions you have and finalize our meeting and location details
  • Thoughtful editing of every single image you receive (yes, I’m a perfectionist!!)
  • All your edited photos in 2 weeks – or sooner if you opt to rush them for a fee
  • Unrestricted use of all your images in a digital gallery to share with friends and family

What you can expect from your family session with me


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Choose your session theme


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Let's have fun!


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Fall in love!

Ready? Book your session


Consultation to discuss wardrobe choices, posing options and location
30 minute session
Minimum  of 10 retouched digital images 
online gallery

Package 3


Consultation to discuss wardrobe choices, posing options and location
Up to 1 hour session
Minimum  of 15 retouched digital images 
online gallery

Package 2


Consultation to discuss wardrobe choices, posing options and location
Up to 75 minute session
Minimum of 25 retouched digital images 
online gallery

Package 1

*This is the only package offered for extended families* 


We will work together to find the perfect option for you and your family. When you book with me I make myself available to help you find the best options for each and every season. I can even send you the ideal color palette. 

What will you wear to shoot?


Location location location. Because I work with families all over the metroplex, I try to choose a location that's best for both of us. I have locations that include nature, water, trees and flowers and I have more urban locations for those who are into city views. I even have some unique options up my sleeve.  

How do you choose a location?


Your images are uploaded to a gallery that is specifically designed for you. You'll receive high quality images for printing purposes and web quality images for sharing on social media. Please do not ever screen shot your images and share. They lose quality and do not accurately represent my work or our time together  

How will i receive my images?


ABSOLUTELY. I also recommend coming to me for any printing needs. As I cannot guarantee the quality from other places. I have access to an amazing lab that only delivers the highest quality and it's super affordable. 

Can I download and print my images?


Sometimes it just happens, we marry someone who dreads the family photo taking process. And I get it, it's stressful. Picking the perfect outfits, running around crazy trying to get everyone ready, uncooperative kids. Sounds fun doesn't it? Well I'm here to make this process easier. I'll help find outfits and I'll let kids be kids. That's the beauty of my style of photography, we don't have to force your family to endure an hour of fake smiles. We laugh, we play and we make memories. I've never had an unhappy dad after a session. Let's put that to the test 

What if my partner hates photos?