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If you were to look up the definition of birth you'd find: "the emergence of a baby or other young from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being."

The second part of the definition is profound to me. Because when baby is born, so is a mother. 

This is where my passion for women, pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum resides. The becoming of separate beings. 

It is a true honor to educate, hand hold, hip squeeze, advocate and document these moments.

Doula + Photographer + Filmmaker + Story teller

Hi, I'm Jenna 

"I love working with Jenna at births! She seamlessly blends in and is respectful of the birth space."

Jenna captured one of the most important moments in our lives so beautifully. From the very start of the process to the end, I felt that Jenna was truly there. We hired her for photography + videography and as our doula. I would 100% hire her again. She really loves the work she does and it shows through her compassion, advocacy, comfort, and most definitely from behind her camera lens.

"My husband and I truly believe that our birth goals would never have been achieved without her help, guidance, and advocacy. Her photography skills are incredible, too! She was able to capture so many treasured moments throughout the birth in such an authentic, tasteful way while still providing guidance as a doula. 

Birth stories, facts, risks and benefits, current stats, prenatal and postpartum support, Doula support, and all the birthy things your heart can stand. Come with me....

for the love of All things birthy 

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