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doula services

doula services include

1 Prenatal appointment (2-3hours) 
Labor & birth support 
Laboring position support and suggestions for comfort
Comfort measures such as massage, hydrotherapy support, and warm/cool compresses
Support for partners, family members and friends
Breastfeeding assistance, if desired, after your baby’s birth
Supplying information on various community resources and referrals
1 Postpartum appointment (1 hour) 

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doula investment

doula only




BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY & doula servcies

doula priority and 50 photos

doula and full photography

doula, full photography & video
(contact to see if you qualify for this option)


Maternity Package 2
Birth Story
Newborn Lifestyle/Fresh 48
 (Save $250)



There's not much about my labors and births I can remember, until I look back at the photos and videos that we're taken on those days.  It's magic. I'm taken right back to the most precious memories of my life. If I had to explain labor and birth it would be almost outer bodily. Waves of contractions taking over, riding each one, wave after wave. Time is irrelevent, just waiting, hoping, dreaming of the moment your baby is in your arms. And then, all at once, it's over.  The pain subsides and every difficult moment has been worth all the sweat and tears. A baby is born, and so is a mother. 

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